Hyper-theater Workshops

The Rogues also teach kids (and adults!) about puppet and mask building, object manipulation, storytelling, and everything in between.

For more information, or to book a workshop or performance, please email our
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Puppetry Workshops

Bunraku Puppetry: Students will learn the history and fundamentals on how to perform this traditional Japanese storytelling art form.
Found Object Puppetry: Students explore puppetry by bringing found objects to life, unlocking storytelling potential and imagination.


Mask & Movement Workshops

Movement and Staging: Students explore creating characters and storytelling through movement and staging. An actor’s instrument is their body, so through games and space-work exercises, students learn the fundamentals that help make creative choices to further tell a story.

Mask Work: Students create original character masks from found objects, paying attention to color, shape, texture, and emotions reflected in its design, and explore mask techniques used to create story through short scene development.


Theatre Fundamentals

Intro to Storytelling and Drama: Students explore the fundamentals of theatrical storytelling through basic scene work and script analysis. We use open scenes to explore how to tell stories in a theatrical way.

Intro to Improv: Bring your imagination and put on your thinking caps! Improvisation is an important tool in the actor’s tool kit. Students will learn basic games based in the improv comedy tradition and work together to create wacky and fun scenes.

Fundamentals of Shakespeare: The works of William Shakespeare have inspired actors and storytellers throughout the ages. In this workshop, students are guided through the Bard's work, becoming familiar with the basics of his great plays, and get the opportunity to perform his texts.