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job opportunities

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Written by Chelsea Sutton with Rogue Artists Ensemble
Original Music by Adrien Prevost
Directed by Sean Cawelti

Rogue Artists Ensemble is casting non-union understudies for our upcoming adaptation of Pinocchio titled Wood Boy Dog Fish opening May 18th at the Garry Marshall Theatre in Burbank.

Rogue Artists Ensemble is known for creating "Hyper-theater," an innovative hybrid of highly physical theater traditions, puppetry, mask work, dance, music, and modern technology.  Our 2017 season included the Los Angeles premiere of the new Zen Shorts production at the Pasadena Playhouse before it traveled to Minneapolis to perform at the National Puppetry Festival and the world premiere of KAIDAN PROJECT: WALLS GROW THIN a site specific immersive experience based on Japanese ghost stories.

We are seeking multidisciplinary artists who are excited about creating fierce performances utilizing puppetry, mask work and physical theater.

Wood Boy Dog Fish is being produced under an AEA 99-Seat agreement and only non union artists may apply for understudy roles.

Audition Dates:

  • Friday, March 16th - 6pm -10pm

  • Saturday, March 17th - 10am - 8pm

  • Sunday, March 18th - 6pm - 10pm - Callbacks

  • Monday, March 19th - 10am - 4pm - Callbacks


In this delightfully macabre take on The Adventures of Pinocchio, a little wooden puppet comes to life at the hands of the drunken wood-maker Geppetto in the tumbledown tourist trap amusement park of Shoreside. Their lives spiral through a world of bullies, profiteers, and showmen, until they must face their darkest fears in the belly of the legendary monster, the Dogfish. Combining masks, dance, music, interactive sets, multiple puppetry traditions, projected media, sophisticated 3D effects, and illusions, Wood Boy Dog Fish is Pinocchio like only the Rogues could imagine it. Guard your crickets.



Rehearsals begin Monday, April 2nd and go through Thursday, May 10th, 2018, Mon - Thurs evenings and Sat. days and will include ensemble and movement work on the eastside of Los Angeles.


Performance Dates:

Previews begin Saturday, May 12th, Opens Friday, May 18th, 2018 and performs through Sunday, June 24th, with Possible Extension until Sunday July 1st ,2018 at the Garry Marshall Theatre in Burbank.


Artists Fees:

UNDERSTUDIES: $200 rehearsal honorarium plus $40 per performance honorarium


Character Breakdown:

For all roles in Wood Boy Dog Fish we are seeking fearless, Asian, Latina/o, African-American, mixed race, transgender, disabled and diverse artists to act, perform music, dance and puppeteer in a new large scale highly immersive theatrical experience. Strong movement and puppetry skills are encouraged with most roles. Music is performed during the show; competent singing ability is encouraged. Artists with special skills such as juggling or skills playing musical instruments are especially encouraged to apply.


Wood Boy

Male, 20-35, (plays adolescent), any ethnicity

Mischievous, curious, with a wild streak; growing up quickly; a puppet.
Strong puppetry skills needed; singing required.



Male, 30-40, any ethnicity

A struggling artist; creator of Wood Boy; a grieving drunk who gets in his own way.



Female, 30-40, any ethnicity

Ambitious, smart, strong-willed, whatever the opposite of maternal would be; an inventor; she’s also dead. Strong movement ability, singing required.



Any gender identity; 20s-40s, any ethnicity

One of the Fire Eater's minions; a wise-cracking showman, a circus barker with a violent streak.

Strong movement ability, singing required.



Any gender identity; 20-40, any ethnicity, artists who speak sign language are encouraged to apply

One of Fire Eater's minions and Fox’s companion; a fierceness and tragedy under the skin; has no tongue, communicates using sign language. 

Strong movement ability, singing required.


Fire Eater

Any gender identity; 20-40, any ethnicity, artists under 4’11” encouraged to submit for this role.

Owner and host of the Fire Eater Theatre; quick to anger, quick to establish dominance; a certain self-sciousness from an old scar; selfish; never forgives.

Strong movement ability, singing required.


MC of Funland

Male; 30-40, any ethnicity

The ruler of Funland; a manic, evil clown with an agenda. Happy to violent in an instant.

Strong movement ability, singing required.



Female, 20-30 (plays adolescent); any ethnicity

A tomboy/androgynous Huck Finn type who befriends the Puppet almost immediately; seeks joy and pleasure above all things; used to relying on herself. Strong movement ability, singing required.


The Terrible Dog Fish

Any gender identity; 20-50, any ethnicity

A mythic creature + sideshow everyman; a worn-out janitor who turns into a monster from the darkness reaches of the soul in an instant. Plays other characters as needed.

Strong movement ability, singing required.


Puppeteer / Mask Performer

Any gender identity; any age and ethnicity.

Plays multiple characters including Wood Boy (only movement), townspeople, and various puppet and mask characters as needed. Multi-tasker and chameleon.

Puppeteering experience preferred. Strong movement ability and singing required.


Female and Male Understudies

GUARANTEED public performance

Ability to understudy multiple roles, will be provided with rehearsal stipend. Strong movement ability, singing required.


To Submit:



After being scheduled for an audition:

  • Sides will be provided in advance to review.

  • Wear clothing you can move in and be prepared to stay for up to one hour at the audition.

  • Please bring prepared 16 bars of music to sing a cappella.

  • Bring a puppet / mask to share or other skill to present,  if available.

  • If you have any advanced musical instrument ability please bring your instrument to share.

  • Anyone being considered for a role must be available for the callback.

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