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You're Invited


You're Invited

Señor Plummer’s
Final Fiesta


It’s 1942 and you receive an invitation to the book launch of Señor Plummer: The Life and Laughter of an Old Californian, Eugenio Plummer’s (mostly) true account of his life in early Los Angeles. You arrive in the newly dedicated Plummer Park, only steps away from where Plummer himself has lived since 1877 - but the festivities stir up a merry band of ghosts and shadows who sweep you into a past filled with wild west duels, pirates, land-grabs, violent mobs, shark-riding, romances, epic court battles, and, of course, fiestas.


Told through a patchwork of tall-tales, large-scale puppets, masks, music and a cast of 20 actors, Rogue Artists Ensemble electrifies Señor Plummer’s whimsical tales of early Los Angeles in a memory map that reflects back the communities of our modern city. From Señor Plummer’s darkest nightmares, to his most luminous joys, the adventures you encounter are not always friendly, not always logical, but always exist in the vibrant, mysteriously shifting ground at the very heart of Eugene Plummer, the original resident of West Hollywood.

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Location and Tickets

Location and Tickets

TIckets & Location


Plummer Park - Great Hall
7377 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069


October 12, 13, 14, 18, 2018

October 19 - November 4, 2018

Thursday - Sunday at 7:30pm


October 12 & 14 - Available online or at the door.


$45 - includes 2 drinks from Angel City Brewery & a special Final Fiesta keepsake. (Drinks are $7 at the bar - buy the VIP ticket & save!)

$55 - includes 2 drinks from Angel City Brewery & a special Final Fiesta keepsake. (Drinks are $7 at the bar - buy the VIP ticket & save!)


Community Discount Tickets 

We are able to offer a minimum of two $20 discount tickets to each show. If you would like to be considered for a community discount, please fill out the below survey and we will be in touch! 


About Eugene Plummer

About Eugene Plummer

Go Back In Time...

You're Invited to the 1942 book launch and final fiesta celebrating eugenio plummer! 

An original Los Angeles Pioneer, Don Eugenio Plummer and his family at one time owned huge sections of Los Angeles, including the area where the Ambassador Hotel stood, and areas that are now considered the Hancock Park area, mid-Wilshire, Hollywood Hills, and West Hollywood. His holdings eventually dwindled to three acres in West Hollywood, which is now known as Plummer Park. His home was moved to the Leonis Museum in Calabasas.

His life and times are chronicled in his own words in the book Señor Plummer: The Life and Laughter of an Old Californian, published in 1943.

 Eugenio Plummer (LA Public Library)

Eugenio Plummer (LA Public Library)

 Plummer's house in West Hollywood.

Plummer's house in West Hollywood.

 Eugenio Plummer (LA Public Library)

Eugenio Plummer (LA Public Library)

Senor Plummer Workshop Aug 2017 - Lisa Francesca Photography 01.jpg




Attending Rogue Artists Ensemble's Señor Plummer's Final Fiesta? Check out our FAQ below. If you have further questions, email us at tickets@rogueartists.org. 

+ Is this a haunted house or an escape room?

Nope! This is an immersive experience, which means YOU are surrounded by and are part of the story. There’s no one jumping out at you, and no timed puzzles. Sit back and let the story take you on a ride.

+ How scary is this show?

There is only one area that is dark and spooky - but you don’t have to experience that area if you don’t want to! You have control over your experience.

+ What is the suggested age limit?

We rate the show PG-13.

+ Any warnings/emotional triggers I show know about before attending?

It’s hard to tell if any one story point, effect, or music cue might affect one patron or another, but we can tell you that there is some physical touch and there is one area of darkness (but only if you choose to go in that room). If you or anyone in your party has specific requirements, please reach out to us before you buy a ticket and we will work with you!

+ How long is it? How many people per group? What is the format?

The entire experience lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes. You are welcome to come early to partake in our bar. Each evening has up to 60 people. The play begins with everyone together, and then you will get to choose which stories you follow - so each area or track could have anywhere from 1 to 20 people at any given time. There are several areas with different stories - far more stories than you can see in one evening (so come a second time to see it all!) - and you are welcome to move freely from area to area during your time.

+ What is your policy on cell phones?

There will be specific photo opportunities available before and after the show. We ask that you do not film, take photos, or use your cell phone during the performance.

+ Where is the venue?

Plummer Park is at 7377 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069. The performance takes place at Great Hall and the buildings/courtyard connected to it. You will check in at Great Hall at our Box Office, just beyond the tennis courts.

+ Where can I park?

Plummer Park has two parking lots, one off of Fountain Ave and one off Santa Monica Blvd. The parking lot off of Santa Monica Blvd has a 3-hour time limit. 

+ What should I wear?

You will be walking and moving, so wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Part of the experience is outside in the courtyard, so if you are sensitive to the chill of October in Southern California, prepare accordingly. 

+ Will there be food and drinks available?

There will be a bar with beer from Angel City Brewery, as well as water and non-alcoholic beverages. A small food/snack offering will be available during the show.

+ Is the venue handicap accessible?


+ Do you have discounts?

We have a community program through which we will make a minimum of 2 $20 tickets available for each performance to those who need the discount. Fill out this form and survey to be eligible for the $20 offer.

+ Can I take picture or video?

We hope you will take photos about your experience and will post on social! Please tag us @rogueartists #rogueartists #finalfiesta when you do! However, please do not take photos or video during the performance.

+ Will the Final Fiesta close if it rains?

We will plan for rainfall and drizzle that might happen in a SoCal October, so we will continue on through the weather. If we approach storm territory, then we will let you know about rescheduling.

+ How can I get involved in the Final Fiesta?

We love our volunteers! If you’d like to volunteer to help with any aspect of the production, please fill out our volunteer form here!

+ Can I change / refund my ticket?

We cannot accommodate refunds or exchanges. Please plan accordingly when you purchase a ticket.

+ I have a problem with my ticket, can you help me?

Yes! Email us at tickets@rogueartists.org for help.

+ Who was this Eugene Plummer guy anyway?

Eugene Plummer was a real man who lived in the early days of Los Angeles. Plummer Park was part of his large Ranchero and his house used to stand within the park but has since been moved to Calabasas to the Leonis Museum. Eugene was interviewed by an LA Times writer for the book Senor Plummer: The Life and Times of an Old Californian, which details his life and LA history as he remembered it. Our play is based on that book.

+ What happens if I’m late to the show?

There is no late entry into the show. The park closes at 9:30pm and we will begin the show precisely at 7:30pm. Please plan to be there at least 15 minutes early to park and check in.

+ Will I be touched by the actors? How interactive is the show?

There may be some light touch during the show, but mostly for the purposes and guiding audience members from one location to another. The audience will have games to partake in, some areas to explore, and may talk with some of the actors and even dance! The audience may also choose to sit back and watch with no interaction. It is as interactive as you choose it to be.

+ How much walking is there? Will there be a place to sit?

You will be walking from story area to area around the Great Hall and courtyard areas. There will be places to sit and rest in most areas whenever you need it. 

Senor Plummer Workshop Aug 2017 - Lisa Francesca Photography 03.jpg



Our Sponsors 

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts. To find out more about how National Endowment for the Arts grants impact individuals and communities, visit www.arts.gov.

Angel City Brewery is our official BEER SPONSOR of Señor Plummer’s Final Fiesta. Angel City beer will be available before and during the show.

Señor Plummer’s Final Fiesta was commissioned by the City of West Hollywood.

Senor Plummer Workshop Aug 2017 - Lisa Francesca Photography 11.jpg

About the Artists

About the Artists

Our Team

Written by Diana Burbano, Tom Jacobson, and Chelsea Sutton with Rogue Artists Ensemble

Directed by Sean T. Cawelti

Our Cast

Ricky Abilez, Kawika Aguilar, Richard Azurdia, Tyler Bremmer, Magally Castellanos, Dionna Daniel, McCristol Harris III, Mariux Ibarra, Brian Joseph, Amir Levi, Carene Rose Mekertichyan, Adam Mendez Jr., Robert O’Hare, Sarah Kay Peters, Marta Portillo, Sheila of the Jungle, Tighe Skehan, Cary Thompson, John Wuchte

Artistic Staff

Julia Garcia Combs - Assistant Director
Adrien Prevost - Composer
Matthew Hill - Scenic Designer
Wesley Chew - Lighting Designer
Elena Flores - Costume Designer
Steve Swift - Sound Designer
Jack Pullman, Morgan Rebane, Mark Royston, Brian White - Mask / Puppet Designer
Blanca Soto - Choreographer

Development Team

Julia Garcia Combs, Sean T. Cawelti, Jack Pullman, Chelsea Sutton, Sarah Kay Peters, Matt G. Hill