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Host a Hyper-theater Workshop!

Are you interested in learning how the Rogues create their original, critically-acclaimed productions? Are you a teacher looking for an innovative way to expose your students to the creative process? Are you a creative adult looking to expand your skills and imagination? Rogue Artists Ensemble’s unique Hyper-theater workshops may be right for you!

For more information, or to book a workshop, please email our Education Manager HERE or call 2.13-596-9468

Our workshops are fully customizable to any age group, skill level, or interest. Whether you’re looking for a single hour or multiple weeks, Rogue Artists Ensemble can create the perfect workshop for your group.

Found Object Puppet Workshop

Using anything from newspaper, duct tape, or discarded items around your own home, students will learn to design, build, and puppeteer their own creation. A great adventure for the imagination, students will experience what it is like to build a puppet show from the ground up! In some workshops, students will experience many facets of theater as they write, design, construct and perform in a production of their very own version of a fairy tale or other story.

Learning Objectives: This workshop allows students to learn about puppetry, puppet manipulation, opens students up to the potential us using simple materials and the art of live performance.

Bunraku Puppetry Workshop

Rogue Artists Ensemble bring puppetry and Japanese history together in this engaging workshop focusing on Bunraku puppet history, Japanese culture with hands on activities giving students the chance to explore manipulating puppets.

*This workshop can be paired with or without Rogue Artists Ensemble’s Zen Shorts touring production.

Learning Objectives: This workshop allows students to learn about puppetry, puppet manipulation, theatre history, Japanese history and culture, and the art of live performance. A special two-day version of this workshop is available, which allows students to build their own Bunraku inspired puppets.

Mask and Movement Workshops Available! Inquire for info.

Some of our past partners include:
Jordan High School, Long Beach
Univeristy of California, Irvine
Kaiser Permanente, Education Department
Claremont High School
Project WINN, California State University San Bernadino

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