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Family Performances

The Story of Frog Belly Rat Bone

In Cementland lives a very special Boy with a singular wish to find a treasure. Amidst heaping piles of greasy toaster ovens, broken TVs, and wet smelly socks, he discovers a rusty old box promising wondrous riches, but all he finds inside the box are colorful packets filled with tiny grey specks…

fullimagezenZen Shorts

When a giant Zen master panda named Stillwater moves into their neighborhood, Michael and Addy’s world is changed forever. As the children are faced with tough life lessons, Stillwater weaves three ancient Zen tales for them, full of color, magic and wisdom, intertwining on a backdrop of modern day technology and complexity…




Shakespeare(ish) is an original, family-friendly performance created by Rogue Artists Ensemble that recreates a collection of William Shakespeare’s most famous scenes through clowning, masked movement, puppets, and original music. Full of wonder and whimsy, Shakespeare(ish) will be an incredible performance you won’t want to miss!

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