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Kaidan Project

Kaidan Project will be a multi-sensory experience (sight, sound, smell) and will involve the Hyakumonagatari Kaidankai (the telling of 100 supernatural tales) a tradition dating back to 1660 and was also involved in Samurai Warrior endurance training. The experience will involve taking small groups of participants on a ‘ghost tour’ of Little Tokyo, while the 100 tales unexpectedly unfold around them, revealing a higher level of paranormal activity, resulting in a thrilling finale. This piece will not be for the faint of heart and will involve moments of sudden darkness, loud noises and frightening imagery.

Kaidan Project will include community engagement events examining the traditional ghost stories through a modern lens and will feature puppet, mask and traditional folk art workshops.

Upcoming Workshops:

japanese-logo-togetherSunday, December 4, 2016
11 am & 2 pm*
Japanese Garden in Van Nuys
6100 Woodley Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406
More information about the Garden here.

*The show is free with $5 admission to the Garden. When you arrive, sign up for your tour time at the Rogue Artists table. Spots are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. If maximum capacity of the Garden is reached, we will have to close until space is available.

Kaidan Project will premiere in 2017.



Kaidan Project is supported by the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, City of West Hollywood Arts Commission,the Japan Foundation, Japanese Garden in Van Nuys and the Jim Henson Foundation.







Production Team:

Written by – Naomi Iizuka, Chelsea Sutton, Lisa Dring, Sean Cawelti & Miles Taber
Directed by – Sean Cawelti

Development Team:

Lisa Dring, Lori Meeker, Noelle Hoffman, Sean T. Cawelti, Snehal Desai, Miles Taber, Sarah Kay Peters


Special Thanks:

Thanks to our partners who are making this project come to life: East West Players, The Jim Henson Foundation, Macy’s, City of West Hollywood, DCA, and Los Angeles County Arts Commission.


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