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D Is for Dog

“GO!” – D is for Dog “… metamorphoses into a riveting sci-fi tale that, like the best of that genre, comes off as frighteningly prescient.” – LA Weekly
“Critic’s Choice!” – Backstage
“WOW” – Stage Scene LA
Nominated “Best Play” – Hollywood Fringe 2012

Written by Katie Polebaum, Sean T. Cawelti and Rogue Artists Ensemble
Directed by Sean T. Cawelti

In the seemingly innocent home of the Rogers family, life is like a 1950s sitcom—or is it? All is not as perfect as it seems. Mr. and Mrs. Rogers and their two darling children, Dick and Jane, must face their history and identity before it is too late, with only mysterious phone calls and a forbidden book as clues. D is for Dog explores the themes of family loyalty and compassion using iconic imagery from 1950s television blended with startling elements of horror and science fiction. Mixing puppetry, live actors, original music and video projection, the play takes audiences from the absurd to the terrifying, and everywhere in-between.

Recommendation: Contains adult subject matter. Not recommended for children under 12.

Upcoming Performances

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“Animals! Ohhh. A very valuable book indeed. All gone now. We aren’t allowed to read about these things now are we? One might get into trouble if he chooses to read about such things, such forbidden things. Things that…that…NO LONGER EXIST!” – Excerpt from D is for Dog


Music by
Ben Phelps and John Nobori
Original song by
Tyler Stamets
Lighting Design
Haylee Freeman
Sound Design
John Nobori
Puppet Design
Gwyneth ConawayBennison, Kris Bicknell and Miles Taber
Scenic Designer
Katie Polebaum
Video Design
Matt Hill and Sean T. Cawelti
Costume Design
Kerry Hennessy
Prop Design
Leslie Gray
Based on an original concept by
Sean T. Cawelti

Rogue Artists Ensemble is supported by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, The Los Angeles County Arts Commission, The Richard C. Munroe Foundation, Inc and members of the Rogue’s Hyper-theater Creation Circle.

Current Cast & More!

The Cast
Michael Scott Allen, Guy Birtwhistle, Taylor Coffman, Heidi Hilliker, Benjamin Messmer, and Nina Silver
The Understudies
Daniel MK Cohen, Ryan Benjamin Klamen, Jennifer Maxcy and Melanie Portney
Assistant Director/Movement Coach
Estela Garcia
Nate Hodges
Video Animator
Nick Kunin
Technical Director
Adam Hunter
Production Manager
Eva Vieyra Osmand
Stage Manager
Danielle Doucet
Assistant Stage Manager
Brenda Goldstein
Assistant Prop Designer
Keith Mitchell
Assistant Lighting Designer
Nick Herring
Assistant Sound Designer
Noelle Hoffman
Assistant Video Designer
Muhammad Saleh


Nominated for Best Comedy Ensemble – LA Weekly Awards 2011
2011 Ovation Award for Puppet Design

Rave Reviews!

“Critic’s Choice.” – “… a dynamic cast… a peak at the future… ”   Back Stage

“GO!” – D is for Dog “… metamorphoses into a riveting sci-fi tale that, like the best of that genre, comes off as frighteningly prescient.” – LA Weekly

“Like the best science fiction, D Is for Dog gains its power from the vulnerability of its characters.” – LA Times

“The group’s current production, D Is For Dog, retains the striking design elements the Rogues are known for but has pared down the amount. This show focuses instead on a deceptively simple story and a terrific cast, delivering a sci-fi black comedy that ultimately sucker punches the audience in the heart.” –

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