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About Rogue Artists Ensemble

Rogue Artists Ensemble is a collective of multi-disciplinary artists who create Hyper-theater, an innovative hybrid of theater traditions, puppetry, mask work, dance, music, and modern technology.

We cultivate unique audience experiences that appeal to multiple generations of theatergoers in order to expand the boundaries of contemporary American theater.

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Adult Performances

Rogue Artists Ensemble produces a wide-range of Hyper-theater for mature audiences, including adaptations and original comedies.
D is for Dog

Gogol Project


Summer 2014: the Bard returns!

The new and improved HYPERBOLE: bard returns this summer for a grand tour of Los Angeles, Orange County, the Bay Area AND the Oregon Shakespeare Festival!

Check out the performance info here!

Check out the program here!

Other Education

Rogue Artists Ensemble brings vibrant educational shows and workshops to schools and theaters across Southern California.

Zen Shorts


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The Rogues offer a variety of performances, including shows for adult audiences and family-friendly and education-focused productions.

Our Workshops are designed for everyone – ages 5 to 95!